The runes: a thousand-year-old divinatory art!

Runes are a recognized as a very old divinatory art. A rune draw allows you to get a clear vision of your future and get advice depending on the situation you are facing. The runes are magical and can bring you their protection, want to try the experience? So it's over here!

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Runes, what are they?

Do you know what runes are? It is basically a very old alphabet made up of 24 letters. Each of these letters was considered to carry protection and strong magic. It is for this reason that the Vikings engraved these letters on their weapons.

Today, runes are used as a medium for reading the future. They are engraved on small stones or pieces of wood. Each has its own meaning. It provides valuable information and advice in relations to your current situation and future events.

The runes are classified into 3 distinct groups:

  • Fehu or Frey: these 8 runes give an indication of the existence, the daily life of the person.
  • Hagalz or Hagal: These 8 other runes give us information about the emotions of the person and all the external energies that can influence this same person.
  • Tiwaz or Tyr: these 8 remaining runes inform us about the spiritual state of the person and bring us clear information about his future and his destiny.

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Rune draw reading: 

To interpret a draw of runes requires serious knowledge and years of practice to understand the details and information provided by the different runes. Many parameters are taken into account such as the position of the rune (reversed or not). The analysis of a draw is always done as a whole. There are several forms of prints, each reader has their preferences in this area.

Note that there are protection runes, these have a very strong energy such as Fehu or Uruz. Fehu brings you wealth, abundance and prosperity when Uruz allows you to improve your strength and self-confidence. Torn is also considered a favorable rune that gives you help and protection.

It is often said that the runes are magical as their divinatory power is strong... It's up to you to try!


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