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My approach would be simple and direct. Have you ever wondered if you were in the right career, with the right person, or really pursuing your true purpose? You could find few answers now. Let me explain what I could find for you. With my readings you could learn what motivates y...

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Oz was very concise and gave clear answers

Oz was very concise and gave clear answers that have really helped me gain a positive attitude towards my situation. He also picked up on things that others had told me so he is very accurate!

Last 15 days ago - matt7416, on the 16/10/2020

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Much Needed Guide

Dr Oz has helped me on more than one occasion to make the right decision. Fair decision. You dont always the required information so it is very handy to have someone make wise decisions for you and also at times provide more insight into the situation and provide peace.

Last 15 days ago - ksanksank, on the 13/09/2020

Help from Oz

He has answered me very calmly Thanks for all your help.. I will follow your suggestion and wait for the better things for future.

Last 15 days ago - seemam, on the 05/09/2020

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Very happy with response given me good insight into my situation will inform of any progress

Last 15 days ago - jojo78937, on the 07/07/2020

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Dr Oz

He was understanding and very insightful. He took his time to listen to me and answered all my question.

Last 15 days ago - ruqayyah, on the 05/07/2020

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My approach would be simple and direct. Have you ever wondered if you were in the right career, with the right person, or really pursuing your true purpose? You could find few answers now. Let me explain what I could find for you. With my readings you could learn what motivates you to find a career that you love, motivate yourself financially, or understand a great partner establish permanent relationships.My readings are directed to the essential being—that spark of the divine within all of us. My sacred work with tarot is to explore the life path, that which we came here to do, the reason we live, our pure will. My decks are consecrated instruments used by the inner guides to obtain true knowledge of things unseen. My cards transmit answers to all questions. A reading with me will naturally illuminate the state you are in. It will describe for you the origins and causes of your situation, influences that took place in getting you here. It will reveal the present state of affairs, including what forces are working against you and what supports your aims, goals, and wishes. It will detect possible trouble and outcomes. My cards will reveal, confirm or deny. They will show you what best course of action to take and advice you on how to achieve your desired outcome, all in alignment with your true path. They will guide you by illuminating the path and empower you by reminding you where your strength resides.


over 15 years helping people with Radio and Tv programs around the world.1/ best psychic awards 2018 Spain 2/best psychic awards 2019 Italy3/ Creator of SCIENCE OF HAPPINESS. NEW YORK CITYMy path and life work lay in awakening and transforming myself into a vehicle for the sacred light within. Only serious voyagers should seek my readings. I do not perform or contemplate rushed, drive-by style readings. I am fast, efficient, and to the point. I do not feel, get, or act rushed or as if I am in a hurry when I am making contact with the guides. I trust the reading, experience it and enjoy it. The connection is sacred, and I only perform readings where the connection is present. My clients have all learned to appreciate my engaging style of reading. Prepare to be connected to a legitimate source of guidance, and call.I come from a long line of Intuitive Clairvoyants dating back many generations I have been doing readings and helping people find their true paths for over 15 years! Honest, truthful answers at a reasonable rate! God Bless!Tv European show, Radio Italy, Tv Germany. Helping celebrities and politician.Have you been searching for answers in all the wrong places? I provide direct, straight-to-the-point clairvoyant readings, with proven accuracy!! Clairvoyance is defined as the ability to gain information about an object, person, location, or physical event, through means other than the known human senses. This means any form of extra-sensory perception. From telepathy, to tarot card readings, or his preferred medium, unction of the Holy Spirit. As a clairvoyant, I possesses the power of Discernment. You will receive practical, prophetic insight, into the more challenging happenings of life. You Decide!! few minutes can mean the difference between having peace of mind, or yet another day of unrest and inner-turmoil. Will you step out of your frustration and confusion, and allow the eyes of your understanding to be enlightened? The choice is yours, and it is up to you alone.

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