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Lithotherapy: Discover the power of stones!

Restore harmony and balance with lithotherapy treatments. Stones are considered to be charged with energy, their vibrations and magnetism have the power to energize and soothe us, both physically and mentally. This method has been proven for many years, it's up to you to discover their amazing virtues!


Stones have the power to heal us, but to understand it, you have to be open to the forces of the invisible. First of all, remember that every human being is made up of energy, of a fluid vibrations that run through and this fluid fluctuates according to the events that we encounter. This energy, also called vibratory rate, notably follows our emotions (the vibratory rate is the frequency that corresponds to our vital and spiritual energy). The stones then come into play in order to rebalance what is happening within us. They act on many levels, whatever your current situation, there is a stone that will ease you down or lift you up.

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The power of stones

The stones exert a subtle and discreet influence on our body to bring us a daily well-being. They interact at diverse levels in our body: at the level of our energy, as well as at the physical, emotional, mental or spirituall. They have the power to heal and soothe many ailments. Believe it or not, they will always have an effect on the person wearing them. You can therefore offer it to one of your loved ones.


Note that there is a wide variety of stones and each one has a purpose. You will be able to obtain an energy stone, a protective stone, a healing stone or even a good luck stone, for example, depending on your current needs.

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The benefits of stones

The stones offer a multitude of benefits, each with its specificities. There are 8 major families of minerals in lithotherapy, each with specific properties. 

You could benefit from a magnetism session for :

  • Help you get back to sleep

  • Calm your stress

  • Regain energy

  • Soothe skin problems

  • Conceive a child

  • Be less shy

There is one for all situations.

The use of stones to heal requires specific knowledge, you have to know the properties of each and how to use them. For example, there are certain stones that absolutely must not be associated. A stone also needs to be maintained, that is to say purified and recharged once it has transmitted its energy to you.

Stones have so much to offer us (not to mention that they make beautiful jewelry), so why not try out rejuvenating lithotherapy session? Do not hesitate to consult our lithotherapy specialists.


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