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Start your free chat reading with a reader!


Whilst in public, or even at work, the chat option is an easy and discreet way to get immediate psychic answers when you need them the most!


Discretion above all


The most important element of a psychic reading is to feel comfortable. When you feel calm, you’ll reap even more benefits from the advisor’s guidance. This is one of the many reasons why this type of consultation is perfect for shy and busy people.


Chat psychic readings are perfect for you, if...


.... you're shy or uncomfortable on the phone with people you don't know very well.

.... you wish to remain discreet or do not have the possibility of speaking, for example, when you're at work or with other people.

.... you're in a hurry and need an answer quickly

.... you want to keep a written record of your conversation with your advisor

Why Wengo? 

Millions trust our extraordinary online psychic network since 2007

98% of our customers are satisfied with their AstroFame experience

Every advisor on AstroFame undergoes a rigorous screening and background research

Peace of mind with 100% confidential, safe and anonymous readings

Psychics available anytime, anywhere over the phone, online chat, email, video or schedule a reading

We're always innovating to provide the best experiences: Try a Live, Face-to-Face Video Readings

Astrofame Rewards - Earn points with each reading, exclusive perks, and special rewards.

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Choose with Confidence: Valuing Every Review. Experience the transformative power of our advisors, as reflected in the genuine testimonials of our community.

Answers and guidance are just 3 clicks away

   1. Choice your advisor based on your criterias

   2. Request an instant reading or schedule a reading

   3. Get a reading over the phone, online chat, email or video based on your preference

Your advisor will answer you through chat!


Redefine your criteria to better find the right psychic for you

Love Advisor Nadi

Psychic Medium

87% of customers satisfied
Customer Pick of 1 others


 Love Advisor Nadi
Join Me for Truth and Accuracy

Christina Angel

Love & Relationship, Psychic reader

65.9% of customers satisfied
Customer Pick of 1 others


Christina Angel
See Beyond the Range of the Moment


Psychic, Tarot Reader, Love Reader ,

100% of customers satisfied


Please get ready to hear the bitter truth for prosperity.

Andrew Angel

Love & Relationship Doctor

100% of customers satisfied
Customer Pick of 1 others


Andrew Angel
You find the BEST POSSIBLE ROUTES for a Bright Future.

Psychic Tahir

Psychic Clairvoyant Medium

86.2% of customers satisfied
Customer Pick of 1 others


Psychic Tahir
Infuse brilliance into your life with Psychic Tahir's honest and enlightening advice

Psychic Nina

Relationship Reader

New on AstroFame


Psychic Nina
Want to bring your ex back? No Issues! Truthful, Honest and

Choose your favorite method

You can choose from a variety of advisors, and understanding each will help you determine what type of reading is best for you.

Psychics Readers
The benefits of psychic readings include giving insight into relationships, giving peace of mind, and changing lives for the better.
Whether seeking closure or resolving unanswered questions, mediums can communicate comforting messages from souls on the other side.
Tarot Readings
Using 78 cards as a tool, tarot card psychics can reveal hidden opportunities and give clarity on any issues from a different perspective.
Dream Analysis
You can decipher the messages in dreams and discover your underlying feelings, motivations, and desires.
Astrology Advice
Open the door to self-discovery, reveal hidden truths and explore opportunities for growth through the alignment of the stars and planets.

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