Online psychic readings and better being guidance

A new way of consulting is available now at Wengo! Experience a unique face-to-face session with your guides and mediums. Add the energy of an image to the power of your voice. Plus, all this is possible from the comfort and discretion of your own home!

“I capture a lot more information. I picked up a lot easier looking at the person in front of me”. Sandrine Brisart, shares her remarkable feedback after weeks of proposing the new video call readings option on AstroFame. Discover what she has to say! 

A whole new tool to better connect and exchange with your advisors.

Access to the best advisors in the industry

Connect whenever, wherever

One single tool to exchange with your expert, write to him and even see them!

Better energy connections during readings

Everything you need to know about video psychic readings

Your advisors are offering you an enhanced experience: Ask for a video reading today!

Answers and guidance are just 3 clicks away

   1. Choice your advisor based on your criterias

   2. Request an instant reading or schedule a reading

   3. Get a reading over the phone, online chat, email or video based on your preference

Ways to Get a Reading

 We offer the convenience to connect in the manner that works best for you. Whether you prefer to talk, chat online or by email - our services are available - anytime, anywhere.


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