How It Works - Earn Your Discount

We'll total your purchases, add your rewards for next's months and allocate you to a tier - Bronze, Silver up to Gold.


Take advantage and get rewarded for next month's readings. 


How to calculate your monthly spend? We add up all your purchases made on call, chat and email readings from the first day to the last day of the previous month. We will calculate the total and fit you into a tier for the next month. 

Can I move between tiers? At the moment we calculate your previous months spend, we allocate you to the adequate tier. 

Is it possible to accumulate the AstroRewards? Upon receiving the rewards, you have three months to use them. 

As a new customer, can I join? Once you have completed a full month, we will calculate your last full months spend and allocate the tier along with the reward. 

When are the AstroRewards available? Allow five business days from the beginning of the month to receive your rewards.

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